Reese Witherspoon’s Dad Has a Good Excuse if He's a Bigamist

Yikes, it sounds like Reese Witherspoon's parents have some, um, issues. Big time. Reese's mother, Mary, has filed to get her husband's marriage annulled. Yes, you read that right. She's filed to get her husband's marriage annulled -- because it was to another woman. And he's still married to, um, Reese's mother. Got this? Let's back up.

Reese Witherspoon's parents have apparently not lived together in 16 years, but they never filed for divorce. They also continue to attend functions together as a family, including Reese's marriage to Jim Toth. But now it starts to get downright bizarre.


Mary Witherspoon apparently found out in January that her husband, John, had gotten married. Again. To another woman. But he's not divorced. Right-o.

So, Mary asked her husband about it. And his answer? That he didn't remember getting married to the woman, whose name is Tricianne. So Mary thinks that her husband, who is 70, might have dementia, and the new woman (wife?) is taking advantage of him. Especially since she tools around in a car owned by Reese's corporation, and lives with him in a condo owned by Reese. Oh, and she's taken out loans under the name "Mrs. John Witherspoon."

Well, there's generally no excuse for bigamy. But, if there IS an excuse, dementia has to be one of them. People do odd, very odd, things when they have dementia. A friend of mine told me that her grandfather, who had dementia, would routinely hit on her when she'd visit him in the nursing home. I mean, he had dementia! So, marrying some woman and not remembering that you're already married, even though you've been married for 42 years to your wife? Yeah, I can see it. If the guy is in the advanced stages of dementia, I can definitely see it.

But it's tough to say what you're supposed to do exactly if you haven't lived with your husband for 15 years. You're not exactly keeping track of his health situation. It's understandable that Mrs. Witherspoon (the first one) doesn't want her hubby's assets divvied up with the new bride, but these things can happen when you're separated and your husband starts to forget things. Like whether he's married.

Is dementia a good excuse for bigamy?


Image via London Film Premiere/Flickr

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