'7 Days of Sex' Challenge Day One: Sometimes You Have to Force It

adults onlyWhen you have been married nine years and together for more than 11, sometimes it's easy to take sex for granted. My husband and I knew that Lifetime's 7 Days of Sex challenge was not going to be easy. We knew it would require more focus and determination than we had been giving to sex in recent months. But we also didn't realize how good that can be.


Day one was last night and it came on a particularly bad night. My husband is sick. It was a Wednesday and both of us worked a full day. I had been up at 5 to work out and then back in the gym at 6 since I am doing double workouts as much as I can. I had also cooked dinner, straightened up the house, and done all the usual myriad things that come with having a home and family.

In short, we were exhausted.

By the time the kids were both fast asleep at 9:30, neither of us wanted to have sex. In fact, while he was putting the kids to bed, I fell asleep so it wasn't until he came into the room that I even woke up.

Then he was lying next to me, sniffling and clearing his throat and sounding miserable, which, instead of making me want to take care of him, only annoyed me. I am so nice. It's no wonder he loves me, right?

We lay in bed not wanting to have sex, but not wanting to cheat on the challenge on the first night, either. Great, this wasn't going to be as easy as we thought!

Finally, begrudgingly, we started. And quickly, it became very nice. Then it got even nicer.

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We didn't have an all-nighter or even do much in the way of foreplay or cuddling, but it was very good for both of us, very satisfying and hugely stress relieving (for me). I found myself much more loving and generous with my husband after that.

I got him some Emergen-C and felt more affectionate and loving and sympathetic for how sick he is rather than just being annoyed with how loud he sniffles (I know, I am a jerk).

All in all, it was a successful first night. Tonight, the challenge calls for "man on top" and we are told we need to use something from the kit provided by Lifetime TV (it included a beautiful candle, a few bottles of wine, underwear, money for date nights, and bubble bath). What will he choose?

Only time will tell, but I am hoping it's even better than last night.

Do you ever "force" sex?

This is Day One of the 7 Days of Sex Challenge issued by Lifetime TV. To see the rest, click here.


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