Kim Kardashian Shouldn't Give Kris Humphries Her Engagement Ring

Apparently Kris Humphries wants his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, to hand back the 20-carat engagement ring he gave her. Who can blame him? Their blink-and-you'll-miss-it marriage lasted only 72 days. Plus, Kris feels the entire thing wasn't based on love, but deceit. Says a source:

Kris wants the ring back because the marriage only lasted 72 days and he believes it was based on fraud and deceit. Remember, Kim filed for divorce. Kris paid for that ring, and he just can't fathom why Kim would want to keep it. It's not like she is ever going to wear it again.

I sympathize with Kris. I really, really do. But he's wrong.


Here's the deal: An engagement ring is given with the promise of marriage. While giving-back-the-ring traditions are all over the map, legally, a woman gives back an engagement ring if she doesn't go through with the marriage. And Kim DID. Kris has not proven any kind of fraud yet. And I doubt he ever will. If his fraud claims are that Kim got married in order to film the wedding and make money, then Kris needs to look in the mirror too.

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People cannot go around demanding engagement rings back after a marriage, no matter how short the wedded "bliss" is. There would be mass chaos of he said-she said. While I'm sure Kris does feel like the marriage was a fraud -- well, maybe Kim does too. Perhaps Kris was an entirely different man after the weddding than he was before.

While it must hurt for Kris to have to swallow the monetary loss that came with buying Kim's engagement ring, there is no way he didn't get a huge discount on it. Plus, he too made money on the reality show. He also has an endorsement deal with Sector watches, which he wouldn't have based merely on his basketball career.

So ... buck up, Kris. Move on.

Do you think Kim should give back the ring?


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