Breathtaking Proof That Hiring a Proposal Planner Isn't So Crazy (VIDEO)

will you marry me umbrellas proposalThe wedding industrial complex is more out of control than ever before. They're playing on our greatest insecurities and greatest romantic dreams to convince us we've gotta lay down major dough for ridiculous wedding details like five-foot high floral centerpieces and couture gowns. Completely nuts. (Literally! What wedding guest will actually lament not receiving Jordan almonds as a parting gift?!) But now that I am one, I get why brides fall for a lot of it. Although, one thing I thought I'd never understand was the idea of a guy hiring a wedding proposal planner. Talk about a complete waste of cash!

That was ... until I saw how a planned proposal went down in Oregon recently. Med student Keith Van Houten proposed to his girlfriend, Alyssa Mota, last week in Multnomah Falls ... with much help from proposal planner Michele Velazquez.


Velazquez runs a company with her hubs, Marvin, called The Heart Bandits. They'll help a guy come up with ideas for the proposal or actually help him plan one step-by-step. For Keith, they chose the location -- Multnomah Falls, because as Velazquez explained on HuffPo, it has a "beautiful waterfall and bridge." They also came up with the concept: Hand-painted umbrellas that would open all at once on the bridge, spelling out The Big Question: "Will You Marry Me?"

Velaquez elaborated:

We went out and bought the umbrellas and painted them by hand -- which took over 20 hours! After that was complete, we had to coordinate all of the volunteers and provide them with instructions and a detailed timeline. Next, we hired a musician to play the couples song. Once the entire proposal was planned out, we hired a videographer to capture the moment. It was amazing!

Wow! In other words, this was a major undertaking. And the result? Soooo worth it! Breathtaking. Cinematic. Magical. See for yourself: 


Awww! This definitely changed my mind about hiring someone to help you plan your proposal. While I initially assumed a guy who would hire a proposal planner was just being lazy or unthoughtful, I see now that's not true at all. He's just the kind of guy who wants the proposal to be a full-scale production his beloved will never forget. And he doesn't mind rallying a troop to make that happen.

What do you think about this proposal and the idea of a hired proposal planner?

Image via theheartbandits/YouTube

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