10 Reasons Long-Distance Relationships Are Awesome

Most people will tell you that long-distance relationships are a LOT of work. Most people will tell you that long-distance romances are not worth it. Most people? They're wrong.

Long-distance relationships can do wonders for both of you -- in terms of personal growth and development as well as in testing the strength of the bond between you.

Here's why long-distance relationships can be amazing!


1) Rather than rely on physical cues, in a long-distance relationship, you learn to rely on proper communication skills to get your message across.

2) Long-distance relationships make you truly appreciate the moments you spend together in the same zip code.

3) Because you rely so heavily on communication to keep the two of you a couple, you can learn to express your feelings to your partner. This is a difficult task for many.

4) You don't have the luxury of picking fights because you had a bad day. Instead, you learn to pick and choose the things that do matter to you and discuss those openly -- not in the heat of the moment.

5) As most long-distance relationships depend on things like email, instant messaging, and texting, you're less likely to say something while you're flaming angry. Instead, you have the time and space to think about the words BEFORE you type them.

6) You don't have to see the annoying parts of your partner as much -- his dirty socks, his inability to put the toilet seat down. You usually get to see his best side.

7) With services like G+ hangouts, Skype, and Facetime, you still get to spend time face-to-face with your partner, even if you're not physically in the same place.

8) You learn to be honest -- even when it makes your partner unhappy. The best relationships have a foundation in honesty, and that need is even more important when you're long-distance.

9) You have the space to figure out what really matters to you in a partnership. Is it sex? Is it commitment? Is it shared hobbies?

10) A long-distance romance allows you to strengthen your commitment to your partner ... or not. It's a great way to figure out how much you mean to each other.

What are some other things that are great about long-distance relationships? Do you think the downsides are worth it?


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