Charlize Theron’s Adopted Baby May Be Why She’s Still Single

Charlize Theron has finally gone public with the adorable new man in her life -- her adopted son, Jackson. Theron was photographed with the tot in France, and they're both wearing loose-knit, blue-hued sweaters. Cute!

In the May issue of UK's Vogue, Charlize says:

I've always been very honest in saying I wanted a family. I've always known I wanted a family. I don't think my mom could wait anymore!

Hm, who is Charlize talking to? Who was she "very honest" with? Could it have been her ex-boyfriend, Stuart Townsend? Hmm?


Townsend and Charlize broke up in 2010 after 9 years together. Charlize has been vocal that the break-up was extremely difficult for her, though neither party has ever said what exactly the cause of the split was. Could it have been that Charlize was ready for a family and Stuart wasn't?

Hey, I'm just speculating! But, let's face it, one person wants a kid, the other doesn't, or one person wants a kid now, one wants it later -- these can be serious dealbreakers. I do know couples who have compromised on the matter. For instance, I know a couple where the man wanted two kids, the woman wanted zero. So they had one kid. I also know a couple where the man finally agreed to have a child even though, from day one, he'd told the woman he didn't want children. And I know a couple where the guy was pressing for a kid, and the woman wanted to wait a couple of years, so they decided to try (and succeeded!) in six months.

However, if one party is determined to have a child, and one party is determined not to -- well, that's a recipe for a break-up if I've ever heard one. At any rate, I have no idea what went on between Charlize and Stuart. I just know that Charlize is super happy to be a mom and Jackson looks pretty keen on it too!


Image via PacificCoastNews


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