Lady Gaga Cherishes Her Loneliness & So Should You

lady gagaYou'd think that with legions of fans, countless handlers, and endless paparazzi, one wouldn't have a chance to feel alone, but Lady Gaga admits that she's "embraced" her loneliness. The mega-star opened on Lifetime's The Conversation and said that she's at a point in her life where she can "cherish" her loneliness. Sounds like whatever she's going through, Gaga's got a grip on the situation.

There are rumors that she and that Vampire Diaries guy are on the rocks, so it's great that the mama Monster is able to harness the power because if you don't, and you just wallow, that's not good for anybody.


Cherishing your loneliness is a great way of phrasing it. I agree that there's something to be revered about being "alone." It sounds terribly cliche, but time by yourself helps you to get to know you, uncontaminated by someone else's influence.

For example (and here comes a gratuitous overshare): I once convinced myself that I loved dark and moody French films for a guy. I'm so into subtitles! I'd tell myself. I really love the whole foreign-ness thing! Wow! I learned so much about myself from this obscure movie that seemed to only be about cigarettes, sex, and park benches! Then, when I was no longer with the guy, and I had time to actually pay attention to my likes and dislikes, turns out I fucking hate subtitled movies with an unbridled passion. They're long, they're usually pretty boring, and anyone who tells you they're "life changing" needs to watch a marathon of Wedding Crashers on TBS before they know the real meaning of the phrase. Rule #349: Never let a fellow crasher be convinced they like film noir.

Point is, time alone, even if it is lonely, can yield some pretty powerful discoveries, and it should be appreciated. Other than my stupid example, there are no limits to what you can uncover when your time is totally yours.

And the best part is, when it feels right to settle into another relationship, your alone time will have given you a stronger foundation so that if someone offers to take you to a midnight screening of Le Gamin au Velo, you'll politely decline and offer up something else instead. After all, you know you now.

Do you cherish, or did you cherish, your loneliness?


Photo via petercruise/Flickr

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