Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos Fear the Worst If They Work Together (VIDEO)

kelly ripaKelly Ripa has been on the hunt for a co-host ever since Regis Philbin left Live With Regis and Kelly a year ago, and a bevy of celebrity guests have swung by to lend Kelly a hand. Stars like Neil Patrick Harris, Jerry O'Connell, and Andy Cohen have sat next to Kelly behind the desk, and husband Mark Consuelos has done the job, as well. But, as Kelly revealed to Vanity Fair, fans shouldn't get used to seeing Mark on set. Even though he's a fabulous co-host, Kelly and Mark don't think their marriage could survive if they had to work so closely with each other.

Amen. I mean, I'd rather light myself on fire than work side by side with my significant other.


And that has nothing to do with him, I'd feel the same way regardless of who I was in a relationship with. I know exactly where Kelly and Mark are coming from-- working together is very, very hard when you're in love because your time and your energy become less personal. Independent thoughts become co-dependent ones and the next thing you know, you're sitting silent at the dinner table because you cannot believe that they undermined you at the conference table.

Since I've never worked with anyone I've had a romantic relationship with, I guess I can't really say what I don't like about it, so I'll say what I do like about not working with a significant other.

I like that I can come home and tell stories from work, vent about something that's bothering me, ask for advice, and then move on. I like that I can hear about his day, offer an outsider's perspective, take advantage of his free SWAG, and move on.

I prefer a separation of work and home, if only because I can escape from one by going to the other. They're separate worlds ... and when worlds collide, well, I think we can all picture George's reaction.


Do you think it's a bad idea to work with your significant other?


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