'50 Shades of Grey' Has Ryan Seacrest All Hot & Bothered

ryan seacrestThe more I hear people talk about Fifty Shades of Grey, the more I'm convinced I need to pick myself up a copy and hunker down in a dimly lit room for the weekend to get my "mommy porn" fix. (Don't judge -- you know you want to do it too.)

Heck -- even Ryan Seacrest is getting in on the action, and he admits to being obsessed with his new guilty pleasure of a read. And honestly, can you blame him for wanting to bury his nose in the middle of Fifty Shades of Grey to indulge his primal urges?

One thing's for sure -- he's gotta be really sexually frustrated right about now. He's been dating Julianne Hough for a couple of years, and I'm sure the fact that she's saving herself for marriage has resulted in him taking a cold shower once or twice. (This is assuming she's still sticking by the whole virgin thing. She's been pretty vocal about it in the past.)


But if Ryan and Julianne have kept their relationship pretty innocent thus far and haven't done the horizontal limbo, then I can't help but wonder why he said that he was using Fifty Shades of Grey as somewhat of a "manual." He claims it's a good "study book" -- and also says he treats it as a "workbook." Huh.

So does that mean he's memorizing every move of every single love scene so he can really rock Julianne's world when and if they do finally get hitched and get busy? Or was he hinting that she's already broken the little code she made with herself to stay pure? I guess either scenario is entirely possible.

But regardless of whether or not Ryan and Julianne are re-enacting steamy scenes from Fifty Shades of Grey, the fact that he's reading it at all speaks volumes about what a turn-on the book truly is. On that note, I think I'll high tail it over to the local bookstore to get my copy.

Have you read the book yet? What did you think of it?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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