David & Victoria Beckham Prove Their Love With Awkward PDA (VIDEO)

victoria beckham david beckhamSkeptics, prepare to be amazed. David Beckham and wife Victoria Beckham took in a Lakers game last night in Los Angeles, and those wily guys behind the crowd-surfing cameras put the married couple on the famous "Kiss Cam." Once they realized what was happening, David, who turns 37 today, and Victoria turned into shy little groundhogs suddenly stunned and embarrassed by the bright lights and the attention. You'd think that these two who live very public lives would ham it up for the Kiss Cam, but instead they shrunk like awkward teens on a first date.

And know what? It was completely, 100 percent adorable. It's like they're really in love, or something!


Seated between David's mother and sister, Mr. Soccer (does anyone call him that? Because I think we should. Either that or Mr. Abs) leaned over and gave a blushing Victoria a big old smooch-a-roo. Neither of them seems at all comfortable with the PDA, but that's what makes it all the more sweet. Either they've never kissed before and their marriage is a sham, or they're two private lovebirds who are just as bashful about public displays of affection like the rest of us.


Sweet, right? How do you feel about PDA?

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