7 Love Lessons Learned From 'Khloe & Lamar'

Ah, true love. It’s glorious but it doesn’t always make it. To the next season, that is! Yes, now that the most functional pair in the Kardashian dynasty has chosen not continue their reality show, Khloe & Lamar, it’s time that we look back, ponder, and take stock.

Khloe Kardashian started out as the sister who was most unlucky in the love department, but then laaaaaaaahhhhhh! [Insert sound of harps.] Along came Laaaaamaaaaar.

Let's see what valuable love lessons we can glean from this couple.


Khloe and Lamar were engaged a month after they met. Sounds like a recipe for disaster -- or a 72-day marriage -- but nope! The pair are still going strong. In fact, Khloe just said that "divorce is not an option."

Seriously, who needs a marriage therapist when you've got these two? Here are a few more lessons learned from Khloe and Lamar:

Tell your woman she’s not fat, no matter what. Remember when Khloe was having a meltdown because everyone, even her mother, was on her about losing weight? Especially since the clan had a deal with Quick Trim? Khloe was crying hysterically and Lamar was all, “No way, baby, your body is perfect, I love it just the way it is!”

Translate for your man and your man’s best friend. Lamar and his best friend, Jamie, are always having bro-ssues, but like most guys, they never talk about it with each other. This is where Khloe comes in. She can actually speak and form words, so she tells one how the other is feeling, and then translates, and eventually everyone hugs.

Leave a used tampon in the toilet. This was pretty gross, but showed true empathy on Lamar’s part. Khloe was trying to make the point that Lamar was too messy, so she decided to be messy herself to show him what it was like living with a slob. She left what appeared to be a used tampon in the toilet. And Lamar picked it out of the john! Now that is love, my friends.

Let the roots of your hair become darker the worse your husband’s career gets. Anyone else notice this?

Mend ties between your husband and his gold-digging father. I’m not sure why Khloe was so determined to get Lamar’s father back in the fold when all he does is ask Lamar for money, sneakers, tickets, and leftover jewelry. However, she felt that Lamar was happier when his gold-digging Dad was around sometimes, so she facilitated their reunion.

Move away from your family if necessary. In part because of the move to Dallas, Lamar seems to have escaped the complete emasculation at the hands of mama Kris Jenner and the rest of the family that befell Scott Disick and looked ready to befall Kris Humphries if only he hadn’t struggled bravely with the bonds of his oppression.

Put a swing over your bed. Or maybe not. That didn’t work out quite so well for Khloe when her weight broke it. However, it did make her realize that she and Lamar don’t have to have circus-like sex every 20 minutes -- that a marriage is about more than what goes on in the bedroom.

Would you apply any of these lessons to your own relationship?

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