Dentist's Ruthless Revenge on Ex-Boyfriend Leaves Him Toothless (UPDATE)

dentist toolsUPDATE 5/8: Although news sites around the world ran this story last week, MSNBC is now reporting that it was actually a hoax.  

Breaking up is hard to do, and sometimes, it's absolutely impossible to just "get over it" or "move on" right away. In the face of anger, you think of all the different ways you can possibly get back at him for the lies, cheating, manipulation, or whatever else lead to your relationship ending up in the garbage dump. You could come up with a thousand twisted scenarios. But, rarely, do you act on any of them! Well, guess one woman really couldn't help herself. 

Dentist Anna Mackowiak is facing jail time after her ex-boyfriend Marek Olszewski came to visit her for a toothache ... and she must have decided that her heartache was worse. She reportedly surgically removed all of his teeth! Wow. Talk about indulging your darkest revenge fantasy.


Mackowiak told The Daily Mail:

I tried to be professional and detach myself from my emotions. But when I saw him lying there I just thought, 'What a b-----d.'

No real details on what exactly he did for her to think that, but sheeeesh -- it had to have been pretty awful for her to "empty his mouth," as he put it. Or she just took her anger about their break-up way too far. Actually, let's be real, either way, she took it too far. And now, Mackowiak is now under investigation for medical malpractice and abusing the trust of a patient. She could potentially face up to three years in jail for the alleged incident.

Obviously, this is an extreme, totally crazy example of post-relationship revenge. But it really makes you think about how silly and pointless and, err, even destructive it can be to seek revenge on an ex.

The only time I ever personally sought revenge on a jerk who left me feeling broken, it totally blew up in my face. It's wasn't worth it. And I wasn't left feeling powerful -- just emptier. The lesson: I'm convinced (and I'm sure this dentist might now probably agree!) the best, real revenge is actually finding the strength to walk away and find happiness elsewhere. Not seeking an eye for eye. Or, I guess, in this case, a mouthful of chompers for a broken heart.

Have you ever sought revenge on an ex?


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