10 Foxy Tips About What Guys Find REALLY Sexy

We all want to feel sexy. That's not even in question. It's especially full of the awesome to feel sexy for someone you're digging on.

So what actually turns guys on -- and what turns them off? What are some ways you can be extra sexy for your guy? What do men truly find attractive?

Here are some tips to help you figure out what gets those mysterious men going.


1) Light makeup. Most dudes, it turns out, don't jive with the layers of makeup we women spend tons of cash (and time!) on. So lose the heavy coat on your face and go easy. They tend to like natural beauty.

2) Drunk dialing. Being drunk often means your inhibitions are lower, which means you're more prone to say naughty things to your guy.

3) Texting the occasional sexy photo to his phone. Nothing risque, just something a little provocative.

4) Being flirty, not slutty. Dress a little flirty, but don't go all out into the trashy, boobs-hanging-out category.

5) A pot belly. It goes against a lot of what beauty magazines say is "hot," but dudes usually dig a pot belly. Why? A subconscious desire to procreate. The rounder a woman is, the more likely it is that she can have babies.

6) Witty banter. Guys love the back and forth with a chick who is smart and witty.

7) Being good with kids. Most guys love to watch their girl hit it off with nieces and nephews. It shows that she's kind, patient, and caring.

8) Being silly - it's okay to get the punchline to the joke wrong. Most men find that adorable.

9) Sending sexy emails. Nothing too lewd, just something that shows him that you're thinking of him. Be careful, though, and do NOT send it to his work email.

10) Telling him that you find his quirks charming. Because you do. Guys, like girls, sometimes get a little embarrassed by their flaws.

What other sexy things do guys love?


Image via doom_sellers/Flickr

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