Dirtiest Bride & Groom Ever Get Married in Mud Pit

mudMost brides would be devastated if their wedding dress was covered in mud, but Carina Pasco? She was thrilled. The 31-year-old married her boyfriend Kodie Umphenour, 24, in a mud pit in Florida. Yes, you read that correctly. A mud pit. Carina and Kodie met online and share a passion for mud-bogging, an off-road motorsport that involves loud engines, a little water, and a lot of dirt. Kodie proposed to Carina in the mud pit and they were married a year later in the same location, this time surrounded by very dirty family and friends. Carina wore a camouflage wedding dress and the groom wore blue jeans and a camouflage button-down shirt. Obviously.

The self-proclaimed rednecks said "I do" in front of 1,000 onlookers, and by all accounts, it sounds like one disgustingly beautiful redneck wedding. Yee doggy.


What I like most about this whole thing, besides the camo gown, is the fact that these two really followed their hearts. They made the day all about themselves, and their love, which is awesome. So many people throw a certain kind of wedding to please their families, or to adhere to tradition, and happen to lose a little bit of their personality between the white tablecloths and arranged peonies. But not Carina and Kodie. Getting married in the mud was 100 percent them.

I can't say I expect to ever attend a deliberate wedding in the dirt, but it sounds like it was a ton of fun. Any wedding that involves a sense of humor, true love, and that doesn't require that I wear a dress is my kind of ceremony.

Carina and Kodie might not inspire you to get down and dirty on your big day, but they might, in fact, serve as a nice reminder that love really is all you need.

What's the wackiest wedding you've ever heard of?

Photo via Nick Saltmarsh/Flickr

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