Mariah Carey's Wedding Vow Trick Is a Genius 'Get Lost' For the Haters

A lot of people doubted Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. And they had every reason to do so. She is much older than him (she is 42, he is 31). They had a whirlwind romance of just a few months before getting married. Her success towers over his quite dramatically. But it seems the couple is destined to prove the haters all wrong.

Don't you just love when a couple beats the odds?

This week, the couple renewed their wedding vows in Paris under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower to celebrate their Monday wedding anniversary. It is the fourth time the couple has done this. They do it every year on their wedding anniversary. Can I get a collective, "awwwww?"


Seriously, I love this idea. But it is more than that, too. As a veteran of a lavish wedding, well publicized marriage, and eventual divorce when she was in her early 20's, it seems Mariah Carey has learned a thing or two about the secret of keeping a Hollywood marriage alive.

It may seem overdone or diva-like, but this is Mariah Carey! She has found a way of keeping her love alive and fresh. We should all be so lucky.

To those who said they would never last, I give you this: the two dressed up in all white, they looked glowing in all the photos and they have done similarly romantic things every year for the past five since they first married. Furthermore, they share their twins Morocco and Monroe and still manage to prioritize their marriage.

If that is not true love, what is?

Sure, it may be for publicity, but some of that sinks in, too and real life couples would do well to take a page from their love. Every time they say their vows, they remember what they promised ands strengthen their bond.

I love it. I have been married nine years and never even tried this. I need to get on it Carey and Cannon style. My guess is these two are in it for the long haul.

Do you think Carey and Cannon are onto something?


Image via david_shankboneFlickr

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