Law Allowing Sex With Dead Wives Is Utterly Abominable

sex with dead wifeHere's something that will ruin a perfectly pleasant Friday evening. Apparently, there's a draft of a law in Egypt that would make it perfectly legal for a man to have sex with his deceased wife for up to six hours after her death. Oh my. A little postmortem rendezvous never hurt anybody, right? Nothing like a sex with a dead person, that's what I always say.

The "thinking" and "rationale" behind the law is that man and wife will be together in heaven later on, so really, what's the difference? It's basically the same as two spirits getting it on in the clouds. Except ... that it isn't. It isn't like that at all. This 'Farewll Intercourse' law, if it's real, is disgusting.


To be fair, wives are also allowed to have sex with their dead husbands, but come on. Like that's ever going to happen. That would take a Popsicle stick, some glue, and a lot of determination to make that even remotely possible. It's basically a non-starter, and totally unreasonable to suggest that women have the same right as men in this regard.

But, you know, that's probably over-thinking it and it's giving this idea too much credit. It's a law that allows you to rape a dead person. It's insane and unfair on all levels. No nit-picking about who has it worse is really needed.

Understandably, Egyptian politicians and civilians alike are dumb-founded by the proposed law and hopefully their voices and dissent will be enough to push this thing into a deep, dark hole where it can never rear its ugly head again. To say this law is an embarrassment is an understatement. It's completely, totally and utterly fucked up. (Pardon my French.)

There is a smidgen of hope, though. Some say this story is baloney. Please, please let it be fake. Because as soon as necrophilia becomes legal, who knows what will follow.

What do you think?


Photo via aussigall/Flickr

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