15 Foolproof Ways to Impress His Friends and Capture His Heart

So you got the guy. Finally. He's awesome, sweet, caring, and all you could ask for. Hell, he could be The One. Before you meet his family, you have your first test: his friends.

A guy listens to what his friends say about his girl.

Here are some ways for you to impress his friends and win his heart for good.



1) Be open to hanging out with the friends. Suggest it, even.

2) When you're out, don't be all over your guy. It's awkward and uncomfortable for his friends.

3) Talk to his friends. About anything. This can solidify your place as "one of the gang."

4) Laugh. Guys love to make girls laugh, whether or not they're dating the girl. A guy appreciates knowing he can make a girl giggle.

5) Bring your friends with you. Guys love meeting new chicks, so round up some of the girls for a night out with the guys.

6) Suggest a fun group activity like bowling or playing mini golf. Great way to bond with his posse while having hella fun.

7) Don't start a fight. Doesn't matter if the dude deserves it, don't argue with your guy in front of his friends.

8) Don't complain - it's unbecoming and may make his crew feel like you're a huge bitch (even if you're not).

9) Don't dis your dude to his friends. They're his FRIENDS. Of COURSE they're going to side with him.

10) If the guys are coming over, make some dude food. Or suggest that you go out for dude food. Pizza, snacks, beer: the quickest way to win guys over.

11) Be yourself. You don't need to become someone completely different just because you're hanging out with the guys.

12) Throw some parties at your place (or the place you share with your guy) and invite his friends.

13) Be friendly, NOT flirty. Flirting with your guy's pals is a HUGE turn-off, both to his friends and to your guy. He needs to know he's coming home with YOU.

14) Sit down and watch the game with them (if you're invited). Guys love a girl who likes sports. You don't have to fake enthusiasm, just watch it.

15) Don't tag along on Guy's Night. Your guy needs his time and space, just like you. So let him have his night off and don't get all butt-hurt about it.

What are some other ways to impress his friends?


Image via Poldavo (Alex)/Flickr

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