Couples Who Facebook Together Have Happier Marriages (Really!)

All I can say sometimes is that I am very, very lucky I have the husband I do. As an admitted social media addict and an "over-sharer" with a very public job (hi honey!), I am well aware that a different man might hate being married to me.

After all, I post photos of us and details of our relationship and I even make exasperated status updates when he puts wet towels on the bed AGAIN (seriously honey, stop that). It's a social media world and he is OK with that.

But not all couples agree on how to deal with social media together, and in recent years, this has been causing quite a bit of friction. According to The New York Times, many couples are fighting over just how much exposure they want on social media.


I have friends who are married to men who don't even want so much as a photo of them on Facebook. Then I have friends who openly disparage their exes in a very public way all on Facebook or Twitter.

It's really all about the couple.

Personally, I don't have a judgment either way. Everyone, from the most private technophobe to the most gregarious over-sharer, has a right to Facebook their own way. If it doesn't bother the husband, why should it bother us?

As understanding as my husband is, there have been a few times where he has balked. When I shared details of a job situation at his work without thinking, he got angry at me and I deleted. He has also untagged himself from photos and asked me not to share some things (or write about them). I oblige.

As long as a couple has open communication and respect and knows one another well, then it's fine. But I will admit I probably couldn't be married to a man who questioned me too much about my need to share.

After all, as a writer, blogger, and essayist, my life IS my work. I mine it for my material (um, like right now!), so I couldn't be with a man who was all: "Never mention ME honey!" I guess I am just lucky that we work so well.

And for couples who don't, there must be some kind of middle ground. One person's over-share might be another's way of expressing love. It's a brave new world for love and we all need to adapt.

Does your spouse mind your social media life?



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