Hugh Grant Can't Do Another 'Bridget Jones' Movie Without Being Creepy

Ladies, don’t you hate that creepy old guy in the bar (COGB) who leers at you, sidles over, arches his brow, and asks for your phone number? Dude, you’re 30 years older than me! Wha the--? Part of this is biology, I reckon. Men are probably wired to continue planting their seed into fertile ground for as long as possible, despite embarrassing themselves. But Hollywood doesn’t help matters. The latest is Hugh Grant, who wants to revive his sexy cad role from Bridget Jones's Diary.


This is just all kinds of creepiness. Grant, now 51, looks good for his age, but c’mon. He wasn’t preserved in amber. A 40-year-old Grant playing a commitmentphobic playa was kind of charming in that bad boy way, but not now! There comes a time when it's a little shady to still be playin' da game.

Grant even says that Colin Firth, his rival for Renee Zellweger’s affections in the other two movies, would reprise his role too. And they’d get into a brawl again. Ugh. Maybe that was cute-ish a decade ago, Hugh and Colin, but now it’s just sad. No one wants to see you two fellas get hurt!

Before you men send your hate mail, I’m not saying that older guys can’t date younger women. (Please read that again, cause I know you are dying to hate on me.) I know young women who prefer older guys. And if they do, they will find you. You don't need to stalk them at the local college hang-out.

Also, there's a huge difference between a guy who genuinely wants a long-term, committed relationship with a young woman that he happens to gel with, and an old guy who is skeeving out young chicks in bars, hoping if he buys her and her friends enough rounds, they'll all think he's 30. You know that's creeptastic.

Does the COGB bother you? Should Hugh Grant play a playa again?


Image via Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer

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