Ryan Seacrest Teases Julianne Hough About Her Crush Like Any Good Boyfriend Would (VIDEO)

julianne houghIt should be known that I have a massive, all-encompassing crush on Ryan Seacrest. When I eventually get around to getting a dachshund, I'm going to name him Ryan Seacrest and we're going to read the newspaper in bed together, and my friends will text me and ask me what I'm doing and I'll respond, Nothing. Just reading the paper in bed with Ryan Seacrest. I know he has a girlfriend, that adorable smiley little dancer lady named Julianne Hough, and that's great. I'm sure they have a lot of fun spending his bagillions of dollars and playing Draw Something during American Idol commercials. Thing is, I didn't think they were actually in love until last night's episode of AI. When Seacrest called Julianne out for having a crush on Idol contestant Phillip Phillips, I found out that what they have is real. It stung a little, but I appreciate it.


Here's the thing: A couple that plays together, stays together. I think being able to tease your significant other is important. Having fun, poking fun, and enjoying a general sense of humor together is really important. I mean, you have to be able to acknowledge the fact that your spouse, or boyfriend, whatever, is human and is attracted to other people, and you have to be able to laugh about it, together.

If you just get super jealous or, worse, quietly resentful, when your significant other expresses an attraction to a person other than you, your relationship is doomed. As long as they're not, like, openly hitting on other people and acting as if they're single and ready to mingle, then I think it's totally normal for him, and for you, to share that you think XYZ is effing hot.

Being able to talk about it is not only preferable, it's really fun. Ryan and Julianne showed that it can lead to playful banter and lots of laughs. It's cute! It's funny! It's harmless.

In fact, poking fun at your respective crushes can lead to more trust and respect in the relationship, and that's almost as a sexy as reading the paper in bed with Ryan Seacrest.

How do you handle your significant other's attraction to other people?


Photo via jjduncan 80/Flickr

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