Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's New Girlfriend Just May Save Him

Mike Fresh out of rehab, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino didn't waste any time looking for someone who was DTF. And lo and behold, the Jersey Shore star found someone who he actually called again after her called cab. In fact, according to reports, he actually has a girlfriend situation going on. Women of the world, commence weeping.

According to Celebuzz, he's dating a hot 22-year-old model named Caitlin Wood. She apparently showed up with him to a taping of his new web show SituationTV last and he used the "g" word to describe her. What we know so far about her: She lives in California; she's a former Miss Malibu contestant; and she at least looks a little classier than some of the girls he's taken home from Karma.


A source told the site:

He is very excited to be spending some time with Caitlin while on the West Coast, before returning home. She’s wonderful for him. Believe it or not, it’s just his third girlfriend — ever.

Yes, it's hard to believe that three women would be able to stomach him and actually date him. Even more unbelievable is why anyone who's seen the show would think dating him would be wise, or safe for that matter. He treats women worse than he does his t-shirts, and he's pretty much just vile. There's no saving grace sweet personality, or funny quirkiness there either.

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So why would Wood date him? Of course there is the fame to be had, which is a pretty powerful point in his favor, especially for an aspiring model. And now more than ever, a girlfriend of his could shine, as Jersey Shore Season 6 is getting ready to film.

As for him, even if he's not really ready to give up his freedom, he probably recognizes that she's exactly what he needs to have any kind of relevance on the show. We've been wondering just what he's going to do post-rehab while his roommates do what they do (i.e. go out and party until they puke), all alone back at the shore house with no one but a very pregnant Snooki with whom to hang. (I've been imagining these dreadful board game situations between the two of them.) But now, enter a fresh budding romance, a hot new girl, and the challenges of a long-distance relationship, and bingo! there's a purpose for Mike on the show again. Sounds like a win-win for them both.

I do hope, however, that Wood has acting abilities in addition to her modeling skills, because I can't imagine how she could even pretend to date and act like she's into him if she's not a really good actress.

Can you imagine anyone wanting to date The Situation? Do you think it's all about the fame for her?


Image via MTV

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