Wacky $5,000 Wedding Was for the Dogs

dogs getting marriedThese days, I'm not quite sure how one might throw a wedding for 100 people for $5,000, so it's a budget that sounds really conservative. That is, unless, you're spending those five thousand dollars on a "first class wedding" for ... DOGS. Yes, of the canine variety.

I almost regret to say -- this was completely for real. Scruffy Rubin "wed" Snickers Carter in nuptials thrown by their "moms" Ernie Rubin and Ann Carter at the Palm Desert Resort Country Club in California. Apparently, the bride and groom were dressed in a custom couture dress and tuxedo and Max, a pug, was the groomsman. There was even live entertainment, open bar, a reception, and of course, a wedding cake. The bride and groom were serenaded with "You Light Up My Life." WOW. Or should I say, "Woof!"?

These people have got to be kidding!


This just goes to prove that some people cannot get enough of weddings. They are so wedding obsessed that they literally planned one costing thousands of dollars for their PETS. I mean ... I know some people are completely wild for shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings, but this is an entirely different league of obsession! Or maybe all that wedding culture is contributing to this? Sort of a chicken or the egg conundrum. Either way, it is freaky as hell.

Okay, at least there was one truly redeeming thing about this eye-rollingly wacko, cringe-worthy affair ... My Desert reports that the "mother of the bride" and "mother of the groom" (ugh, it actually pains me to even type that) asked guests to donate generously to the Orphan Pet Oasis Humane Society of the Desert in North Palm Springs in lieu of gifts. Very nice! Still, I can't help but think the $5K on the doggies' "Big Day" would have been put to much better use if it had just be donated directly to the Humane Society. What some people will do for a wedding -- sheesh!

How ridiculous is this?!

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