Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Would Be Fools to Not Have a Prenup (VIDEO)

brad pitt angelina joliePerhaps this is why Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie haven't gotten engaged sooner: The dreaded prenup issue. I mean, it was bound to come up, as both parties involved are disgustingly loaded, but, man, what an awkward convo for two people -- two people who are so in love -- to have.

According to everybody's favorite ragmag, OK! magazine, Brad and Angie are already fighting over their upcoming nuptials. They're reportedly arguing over when to get married; where to get married (right now, France is the rumor); who to invite (Brad supposedly wants to send Jennifer Aniston an invitation; Angie's all "hell no"); and of course, they're fighting over the prenup agreement over their massive fortune.

I know it isn't the most pleasant of issues to tackle, guys, but you best work that crap out before you say "I do."


It's a fact. Prenuptial agreements are pretty much the most unromantical thing on the entire planet. But when you're super rich (especially a super rich [super capricious] celebrity), they're kind of essential. I know, I know, lots of stars think that they'll never get divorced, and they're totally different from everyone else (they're just like us!), but still. There's a lot of cash (and kids) at stake in the Pitt-Jolie camp. They'd be fools to do otherwise.

Interesting thing is, though, prenups actually are no longer for just the Brads and Angelinas of the world. Now that ladies are bringing more money to the table -- and people are remarrying after they've already made money, invested, etc. -- regular ol' folk like you and me are getting prenups, too. Well, not me. I don't have a prenup. But, hey, maybe you!

It really is such a messy thing to discuss when you're super in love and in the midst of planning your dream wedding -- and it'll most likely cause a fight -- but if you've got cash, well, it's probably not the worst idea to bring it up. You could be in a whole other kind of mess if things don't work out.

What are your thoughts on prenups?

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