Doctor Claims He Found the G-Spot -- Too Bad We're Still Looking for It!

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The existence of the female "G-spot" has been a hot topic of debate for as long as I can remember, and now a gynecologist from Florida claims it is, in fact, a real part of a woman's anatomy -- and he knows its exact location. Dr. Adam Ostrzenski went all the way to Poland and examined the deceased body of an 83-year-old woman (eww!), and he supposedly found the legendary spot hidden deep in the walls of her va-jay-jay.

Dr. Ostrzenski says the hot spot (which is less than a centimeter long) is located in "a deep, deep structure nestled between the vaginal wall's fifth layer, the endopelvic fascia, and its sixth, the dorsal perineal membrane."

Um -- yeah, ok. Where exactly does that location sit in a woman's body, and how in the heck are we supposed to get to it? Because if it's really that far inside that it can be reached, then what's the point of even having the spot in the first place? I'm confused.


And another thing -- does anyone else think it's kind of ironic that this guy was only able to find the magic G-spot by thoroughly examining a dead woman? (A lotta good it did her.) If it can't be located on a live, breathing, fully aroused human being, then what kind of hope does that offer us gals who want to have over-the-top, scream-worthy, mind-blowing sex?

Somehow I'm just not buying into the whole G-spot theory, no matter what this doctor says he found. If anything, his incredibly remote discovery makes me even more convinced that the spot is nothing but a myth. And I'll tell you why.

You know the crazy sex you see depicted in movies where the woman literally sounds like some sort of wild banshee screaming in the night? (Not "naughty" movies -- just regular flicks. They're pretty risque these days.) Every time I see a film with a sex scene like that, I roll my eyes in disgust -- because real life sex just isn't like that. The big "O" doesn't last 20 minutes, and for most women, it only happens after quite a bit of foreplay -- not intercourse alone. If there really were some sort of magic button in there that could get the job done quickly, then there really wouldn't be a need for all that "other" stuff leading up to the big sex act. What woman wouldn't love to save some time getting down to business?

Maybe I'm just a hopeless skeptic, but it's going to take a lot more than Dr. Ostrzenski's discovery to make me believe in the existence of the G-spot. But if he can manage to pinpoint it on a living woman's body -- I may be willing to change my mind.

Do you think the G-spot is real?


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