7 Discreet Vibrators for Mommy

lipstick vibeFew things are MORE embarrassing than having your daughter accidentally stumble across your big ol' neon purple vibrator while rooting around in your sock drawer and having to explain, "Um, oh, that's just mommy's back massager, sweetie. Here, uh, let me get you my expensive cashmere sweater so you can dress up your stuffed animals ..." We have the solution well in hand with 7 discreet vibrators especially for privacy-starved moms:

  • Lipstick for Your Other Lips


    Image via Babeland; Lipstick Vibe, $28

    Camouflaged as lipstick, you can throw it in your makeup bag and no one will be the wiser. Just hope that your daughter doesn't decide to play Pretty Pretty Princess with it.

  • Put Your Phone on Vibrate


    Image via Eden Fantasies; Vibra Phone, $7.79

    Disguised as a cellphone, this vibrator gives a whole new meaning to phone sex.

  • Tickle Yourself Pink


    Image via SexToys.com; Mini Max Vibrating Makeup Brush, $15

    Make your cheeks blush in more ways than one with this vibrating makeup brush.

  • Brush After Every Meal


    Image via Tingletip.com; Tingle Tip, $14.99

    Prop the TingleTip onto the head of your old electric toothbrushes to get some special "mommy moments."

  • Berman Center-Lina Vibrating Pen


    Image via Vibrator.com; Berman Center-Lina Vibrating Pen, $20

    This pen can be used for writing something off or getting yourself off.

    Simply twist the base to activate the pen for writing needs or twist the cap to activate the vibrations for personal needs.

  • Party in Your Pants


    Image via Too Timid; Remote Control Vibrating Panties, $89.95

    Looks like your everyday thongs, but with a dirty little secret.

    Just be careful not to re-create the scene from The Ugly Truth.

  • Get Zen (Ooh-ooh-ohhhmm!)


    Image via Holistic Wisdom; Zen Stone Vibrator, $18

    We can imagine Sting and Trudie Styler using one of these during one of their many famed "meditation" sessions. Only drawback is that kids love collecting rocks, so make sure your son doesn't mistakenly grab up one of these for show and tell.

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