'Real Housewife' Alexis Bellino Has a Sexist Husband Problem (VIDEO)

Bravo's Real Housewives franchise isn’t exactly known for its progressive female role models, though many of the ladies are successful businesswomen. But thanks to The Real Housewives of Orange County's Alexis Bellino and her husband Jim, last night we got a taste of their chauvinistic relationship at its most musty and outdated.

Alexis has a little gig on the local Fox News station -- nothing major. She’s not Christiane Amanpour. She’s not running around Afghanistan with a Hellfire missile strapped to her back. She’s got a one-day-a-week gig at Fox, yammering about spas and gourmet cooking and the like. No one is going to win a Pulitzer. But she enjoys doing it. It gives her a sense of purpose. A sense of purpose outside of taking care of her husband and kids. Oh-oh. Hubby don’t like that.


When Alexis tells Jim that she’d like an acting coach to help her with her Fox appearances (though I think she means a media coach), Jim grunts: "I just don’t see how this fits into being a wife and mother."

OMG. Did you see his hairy knuckles dragging on the floor? Jim then goes on to say that Alexis shouldn't get more involved with her job because they don't need the money. Oh, help me Gloria Steinem. He thinks that it’s all about the money. Not that women might enjoy working. Not that working at a job they love might give women a sense of self. Alexis isn’t suggesting she become a coal miner. She dresses up and goes on TV! It's fun for her.

Plus, the kids are old enough now that she can leave the house without any issues. What should she be doing instead? Cleaning the pool table? Vacuuming up the hair her troglodyte husband leaves behind?

Anyway, Alexis doesn't seem ready to quit her job. She told the camera (though not Jim) that he would have to deal.

Here’s the gig that has Jim’s sexist panties in a twist:

 Is Alexis's husband a chauvinist oink oink?


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