Chunky Jason Segel Didn't Have to Slim Down to 'Marry' Emily Blunt

jason segelThere are two reasons why I think it was absolutely ridiculous for Universal Studios to force Jason Segel to lose 35 pounds to play a chef in The Five-Year Engagement.

First of all, Jason Segel was perfectly adorable to begin with -- and with that personality, he doesn't need a six-pack to be attractive. Secondly, Segel says the studio made him go on a diet because it would be too hard for audiences to believe skinny Emily Blunt would be into him otherwise.

I'm sorry, what? Skinny girls don't go for pudgy guys? SO not true! I can think of at least half a dozen couples I know personally who prove this theory wrong.

Why? Well, I have a couple of theories of my own ...


1. Women don't get as turned on by looks as men. Don't get me wrong, fellas -- being handsome is always going to help. But while men can stare at naked women all the livelong day, well ... naked men ... hee hee! Sometimes you guys look silly. But that doesn't matter, cause we need other stuff to get us going anyway.

2. Some slim girls feel "safe" with a pudgy dude. And by safe I don't mean, "My man is such a chub if somebody was messing with me, he'd sit on him and crush him." I mean, "My man's never gonna cheat on me cause he's never gonna get anybody this hot again." (I have seen this line of thinking backfire, ladies, so be warned.)

3. Some girls think that if they're with a chunky guy, there's no pressure for them to stay in shape. Again, I have seen this line of thinking backfire, ladies, so be warned. Remember the whole double standards thing? Mmm-hmm.

Do you think Jason Segel needed to lose weight to play Emily Blunt's object of desire?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Flickr

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