Bizarre New Website Offers Beautiful Women the Chance to Travel for 'Free'

It's totally normal now to online date. Every single person and their sister have gone on at least one online date and lived to tell the tale. Because of its popularity, all sorts of sites have decided to get creative with the formula. There is Ashley Madison for cheaters who want to be discreet; for those who want a rich person to care for them; Beautiful People for those who are attractive and want an equally attractive partner. I could go on and on.

Now we can add a new one to that list. Miss Travel is a site for beautiful women and the older rich men who want to travel with them. Yes, seriously. And I think it's genius.

Oh sure, it has its issues, safety being chief among them. The site doesn't screen their users, which should set off a million warning bells.


But for argument's sake, let's say that the woman talked enough to the man to feel totally safe and that he wasn't some kind of dirt bag freak trying to get a woman alone in a hotel room. Let's say this is a straight-up, safe arrangement. Then what's the harm?

One of the hardest things about my early 20s was lack of travel. I spent all of my childhood and teens traveling the world and living abroad and going wherever I wanted. But once I was off my dad's dime, I could no longer afford those trips. Who knew they had been expensive?

While I probably wouldn't have had the courage to use a site like this, in theory, I would have gladly taken some free trips from a rich benefactor. What girl who loves to travel wouldn't?

All things being equal, there is nothing wrong with this idea in theory. In practice it's probably a whole other story. There are safety concerns, and while sex isn't promised explicitly, it would seem to be a likely part of the deal.

Women can do whatever they want with their time and with their bodies, but they can't pretend it isn't prostitution just because they aren't on a corner and it isn't cash being exchanged.

What do you think of this idea?


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