5 Secrets to Make Your Marriage Stay Hot Forever

old couple in love“Love like kids, act like adults.” That phrase says it all and it's what every marriage or relationship needs. Of course, you also need to actually like the person and have a strong friendship as well as some good sex. It's not always easy to find, but once you do, you have to work to make it work.

Sometimes that work is just remembering what it was like when you were dating, and be that way as well. Jamillah and David Lamb know some secrets -- they wrote a book called Perfect Combination: Seven Key Ingredients to Happily Living & Loving Together. And they are sharing some of those marriage secrets with us. 

  1. Enjoy life: Some couples won’t go to theme parks until they have children. But letting one’s inner child out to play with their partner’s inner child strengthens a relationship’s bond.
  2. Forgive the small stuff: No one is always right, and no one wants to be around someone who always needs to be right.
  3. Appreciate individuality: Everyone needs to have their own identity, including those in a long-term relationship and couples who work together. David enjoys his comic book collection, while Jamillah keeps a library of romance novels.
  4. Do not misdirect anger: In psychology, it’s called transference; dumping your bad day on someone else. It is poison for any relationship.
  5. Remember your love: Couples may fight, but guard what you say. There’s no need for ugliness even when you disagree.

They also share that we have to remember sacrifice, and that love is worth the sacrifices. We have to appreciate our partner, never take each other for granted, and never forget the simple gestures to make sure the other one feels appreciated and loved. So share the laundry responsibilities, love when the lawn gets mowed, send each other sexy text messages throughout the day, and don't forget to have make-out sessions. Sounds hot, doesn't it? Oh yes!

It may seem simple when reading it here, but it's these simple things that people forget and, over time, makes a relationship fail.

Do you practice these 5 secrets in your relationship? What other secrets to making love last do you know?

Image via Candida.Performa/Flickr

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