Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis Need to Dial It Down a Notch (VIDEO)

mila kunis
Hey, it's Mila Kunis!
If there's one thing celebrities love more than their own reflections, it's moving fast in relationships with other celebrities. Unsettlingly fast. Last week, we learned that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are house hunting together, and now we're hearing about Ashton Kutchter and Mila Kunis going away for the weekend together. I mean, a weekend getaway? Already? Didn't they start dating, like, point five seconds ago? Slow your roll, guys. What's the big rush?


According to TMZ and a mess of other gossip sites, The Kutch and Kunis were spotted in Carpinteria, CA together -- a small beach town near Santa Barbara, about two hours outside of Los Angeles. The two were caught getting coffee together and then later buying sunflowers. Sounds romantical. Also sounds like they're moving a little too fast.

If Ashton and Mila want to date, by all means, date away. No one's stopping them. They'll make very attractive babies one day. But didn't Ashton just get a divorce? And wasn't he just linked to Rihanna? What's the need to take things so fast? I get that they've known each other for a while, but a weekend trip together is big. It's just you and that person 24:7. You have to sleep next to them; shower and get ready in front of them; potentially poop in the same room as them! It's pretty intense. And, in my little ol' opinion, it's a little intimate for two people who only started dating weeks ago.

Do you think it's a little soon for a weekend trip?


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