New Details Show Jessica Dorrell Used Bobby Petrino in the Most Twisted Way

Bobby Petrino
Would you let this guy fund your wedding for a price
Weddings are expensive and no one knows this better than Jessica Dorrell, the scandalized 25-year-old whose affair with 51-year-old University of Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino cost both of them their jobs. But when it came time to pay for her wedding (oh yes, she was engaged to another man), she had a great plan: use her older lover's cash "gift" to cover it.

It seems absurd, right? But apparently it's true. While Dorrell was busy planning the wedding, she was also taking cash gifts ($20,000 to be exact) from the old man with whom she was sleeping. Does that seem like anything to anyone? Anything like prostitution?

Seriously, this is just hard to even believe. If it's true, she has a lot to learn.


Now she has no wedding and no old man benefactor (and no job). Maybe this wasn't the wisest way to pay for her wedding?

While others get second jobs or ask their parents for money, Dorrell had another plan. There is something just so sad and sleazy about it. What could she have possibly been thinking?

The fact is, it was a shrewd idea. She had something he wanted and he had something she wanted. It was a trade. But to call it "love" or anything less than sordid and wrong would be a complete fallacy. Dorrell is a sad case. At just 25, she used one old man to pay for her wedding to another younger man, and from the way she treated them both, it seems love never entered the picture.

And her poor fiance.

When a person is getting married, they are full of hope and trust and love. When they find out that the person they are with has done something like this, it shakes the foundation of who they are. Getting cheated on changes everything.

But this is even worse. The idea of your fiancee cheating so she can buy another bouquet or squeeze another guest into the banquet hall is just plain awful. Somehow my guess is her fiance preferred a faithful wife to the overpriced Beef Wellington at his wedding.

Now she has neither Petrino nor a fiance, so was it worth it? Only Dorrell can answer that, but one thing is clear: when a person cares more about a wedding than their fiance's heart, my guess is they are lucky to lose them.

Now he can find someone who truly loves him for him.

Do you think this is as sick as I do?


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