Jennifer Aniston Needs to Get Out of Town to Wed

Jennifer AnistonOh Jennifer Aniston ... Last week, she was breaking up with Justin Theroux, and now, they were reportedly scouting a gorgeous little hotel in Crete (where her dad, John Aniston, was born) as a possible ... wedding venue! For July! Oh dear. Well, for Jen's sake, I certainly hope there's more truth to this week's rumor than last. Not just because I want to see her finally get married to the love of her life and ride off into the Mediterranean sunset (before Brangelina!). But also because her reported destination wedding details sound suhweeet!

For example, TMZ reports that the hotel's wedding package would run Jen a mere $2,300. Her royalties for just one dopey SmartWater commercial probably add up to more than that! But really, the package sounds like it would be an awesome deal for any bride. And what I like to call just one benefit of a destination wedding.


Having your wedding in the same ol' same ol' place (for Jen, that would obvs be L.A.) is fine if you feel an extremely strong connection to your hometown, I guess, but there's something major to be said for throwing it at a special destination. For one, because it could definitely end up costing you less.

Yeah, you might have to buy plane tickets, but you'll recoup that cost and more when your fifth cousin twice removed, Joe (or is it Josh?) or your parents' friends who they haven't seen in 25 years opt out, because your wedding is a bit of a schlep.

See, despite living in New Jersey, my fiance and I are 99 percent sure we want to say "I do" in South Florida. Not only because our grandmothers and quite a few family members are down there. But also because we want it to feel like an escape for everyone. A mini-vacay, a getaway. Something out of the ordinary -- away from the every day hustle and bustle. And, of course, having it in a place that isn't the most convenient means people who really care (and who we really care about) will be the ones to show up. It also doesn't hurt that there are better packages down there than up here, as a result of it being a popular wedding destination (and not being Greater NYC).

In possibly planning Crete nuptials, I'm sure all of the above has crossed Jen's mind ... But most of all, for her, it will hopefully mean more loved ones and fewer paparazzi! Unfortunately, I'm sure they'll still pursue pics of this wedding, but a smaller event across the Atlantic couldn't hurt to make it an at least slightly more private, more beautiful, and yes, even more cost-effective occasion.

Are you a fan of destination weddings?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

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