Jennie Garth Wins the Worst Time to Divorce Lottery

Jennie GarthI've always felt like Jennie Garth was the kind of celeb I could totally hang with. Kelly Taylor, um, I mean, Jennie, is one of those moms who has always been happy to be known more for being a mom than being a celebrity. See what I mean about relatable? But the way things are going down with her divorce from Peter Facinelli makes it pretty darn clear which one she is.

Jennie has had to admit that the announcement of new CMT reality show, Little Bit Country just as her marriage has fallen apart has been ... awkward. And for all you haters out there, no, this was not some devious plan to bring some PR to a cable TV show.


Jennie sounds like she's in real pain over the fact that her job of promoting the show has made it entirely impossible to avoid talking about the end of her marriage with EVERYONE:

When I started to take this show on, I wasn't headed down this road. It happened in the middle of filming the show. Now, part of my job ... is doing press so I'm doing the interviews and people want to talk about it. I'm OK talking about [my divorce], but it's not something you really want to talk about.

Get that folks? She's just a regular gal going through one of the toughest things any woman can go through ... but her fame is what's making it 10 times harder than anything most divorcing folks have to deal with. Ouch.

I feel for her in more ways than one. I'm not going to kid myself into thinking I have her level of fame, but part of the job as a blogger is to talk about what's going on in your personal life. And there are times when I just don't WANT to. When your marriage is going through a rough patch or your kid is being a pain in the you-know-what, the choice to have a job that makes your life semi-public takes its toll.

But at least I can hold back. Jennie can't! She has to do her job, and that job puts her in the spotlight.

What did you think when Jennie and Peter's split became public, just as her new show was announced?


Image via Alan Light/Flickr

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