Memo to Kids: Moms Like Sex, Too!

Lynn Kellan of For Love or Funny is the kind of blogger who lets it all hang out, and isn't that the reason we read blogs? She is funny and honest and truthful in a way that makes us all want to be her friend (and emulate her, too!).

Here is her Mother's Day contribution:

I like sex.

There, I said it.

That’s why I’m a huge supporter of marriage. What’s not to like about a social institution that condones sex?



Er, pay no attention to the screaming you hear. That’s just my kids screeching that I’ve marred their psyches for life. They prefer to believe that their conception took place in a sterile bio lab. Not in the passionate clutches of the marriage bed. Or kitchen counter. Or garage floor.

Personally, I’m trying not to hear my ancestors’ moans of embarrassment. They’re all trying to pretend that they much preferred reading Tolstoy to having sex. Liars, all of them. I know they liked sex. How else would I have gotten here? So, I’m bringing this topic out in the open. Marriage is awesome, because we get to have sex whenever we want. Unless, of course, we’re out to dinner with friends. Then it’s kind of awkward.

So, in conclusion, I would like to apologize to my parents for this post.

And my Bible study group. And my Pastor, of course. And my kid’s coach.

And my readers .. let’s pretend we never had this conversation.


This post brought to you by Exhausted Husbands. Please tell our wives to let us sleep once in a while.

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