Dating by Smell Is the Latest Strange Way to Find Mr. Right

Ah, what singles won’t do to find their soulmate. First, there was speed dating. Then, there was dating in the dark. Now comes dating by scratch-n-sniff.

The latest relationship-seeking trend for singles has to do with identifying your romantic match by smell only. It works like this: People are asked to sleep in the same T-shirt for three nights in a row. Then they need to put the stinky shirt in a bag, put the stinky bag in the freezer to lock in the scent, and then attend a "pheromone party."


At the party (which must reek to high heaven), the potent shirts are distributed around, everyone takes a whiff, and then they choose which shirt they’d most like to smell for the rest of their lives. You see, we all secrete chemicals in the body’s glands that give off an odor only our soulmates can smell, and these chemicals are now in the shirt. This is science, people!

At any rate, I’ve always been a big believer in the idea that you have to love the way your significant other smells. I once remember breaking up with a perfectly great guy for one reason only: He had this bizarrely "too clean" scent of a bar of Ivory soap. It was just weird. Didn’t turn me on at all. Buh-bye.

I wonder if the pheromones of certain male archetypes have certain odors. Sure, you’re not supposed to be able to actually smell pheromones, but I don’t believe it. Your nose knows. Here’s some ideas:

House Husband. A ribald but subtle blend of Fantastik All-Purpose cleaner, dust bunnies, and chopped garlic.

Outdoorsy Guy. An earthy mixture of wood chips and freshly mown lawn topped off with a slight but distinct manure finish.

Sensitive Guy. A fine blend of patchouli oil and Evian water lightly garnished with the aroma of the local organic produce co-op and environmentally-friendly tote.

Alpha Male. A full-bodied aroma of sturdy briefcase complemented by a bouquet of too much musk, cigar smoke, semen, and other women’s perfume.

Noncommittal Guy. The ripe scent of shoe leather hitting pavement combined with the waftings of tar hot from the car wheels that just screeched over it.

The One. Your father, your therapist, and your celebrity of choice combined into an erotic but emotionally-safe and financially-sound blend with just the hint of the aroma of a wedding cake.

What does your perfect guy smell like? Do you think scent matters in love?


Image via TehJones/Flickr.

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