Guy Who Made Creepy Online Dating Spreadsheet Is Just Serious About Finding Love

online dating laptop heartSome dude, best known now as "creepy spreadsheet finance guy," has been ripped to shreds the web over for the incredibly detailed spreadsheet he made while dating on See, he made the mistake of telling a girl he went out with about the spreadsheet, and then sending it to her upon her request. D'oh! Before you knew it, Deadspin posted it, aaaand the entire Internet was laughing at him. Finally, he gave an interview about the now-famous spreadsheet after what he called the worst day of his life and revealed his rationale to Jezebel ...

It seems Finance Guy "works long days, goes to the gym, goes out on a couple of midweek dates or what not, and gets home late." So he made the spreadsheets in order to remember all his prospects. He defended himself, "My comments aren't malicious or mean. This was an honest attempt to stay organized." Aww. I sort of feel for this totally type-A nerd!


Sure, at first read, you'd think just because he made a spreadsheet, he's some D-baggy guy who was describing his dates like a Neanderthal. But that's not completely the case. A sample of some of the rather benign comments on the spreadsheet (which you can view here) include "Very pretty; sweet & down to earth/great personality; hope to see again soon" and "Mixed bag of pictures, but great bod; works in my building, also in finance; well traveled; lives on XXX" ... But then he calls another girl "jappy" (as in derogatory abbreviation for Jewish American Princess ... grr) and starts rating their appearance on a Hot or Not-esque number scale. Definitely LAME.

But as far as the actual spreadsheet goes? Eh ... I got nothing against it! In fact, as I said, I feel for him, because, well, as someone who was very deeply invested in online dating for many years, I completely get it. When you're truly on a mission to find a serious significant other, you date a LOT. It really can and sometimes has to become as intense as a second job! Because how else are you going to find him or her? And when it's so labor intensive, uh, yeah, you're gonna need a way to keep track! (Embarrassing confession: I may have actually had a notebook equivalent of this guy's spreadsheet at one point. Much less organized, but still -- same idea.)

When it comes to the intense work that is dating, I always think of Ginnifer Goodwin's cute character in He's Just Not That Into You who tells Justin Long's jaded-in-love character that at least she's putting herself out there and that means she's closer to finding love than he is. This OCD financial services guy? Well, judging from his spreadsheet, he may not have been doing so well lately, but if he keeps putting himself out there, I'm sure he'll find the love of his life sooner or later. And hopefully she'll be the type who doesn't mind a guy who is so ... organized.

Do you think this guy took tracking his online dating too far or do you sympathize?

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