Angelina Jolie's Shocking Reaction to Proposal Shows She's Actually Human

Angelina jolieNow that Brangelina have gone public with their engagement (which supposedly occurred in December?!!), we get to fawn all over the little details. How fun! The latest -- a confidante tells Us Weekly that "Angelina cried and smiled" at the proposal. Ready for another heartstring pull? Apparently, Brad proposed in front of all the kiddos, and "everyone hugged once she put [the ring] on. She went around and showed it to each of the kids." Awww!

Cute, right? But when I first read this, I had to wonder ... Could this really be true? I mean, this does NOT sound like the Angie we know.


For most of her career, Angelina has come off like -- yes, a do-gooder, a Good Will ambassador, a saint, basically! -- kind of a cold bitch. I hate to say it, but she doesn't really seem like someone who, well, cries. Maybe my opinion has just been tainted by the fact that she's said she doesn't have any friends -- especially female ones. To me, that said a lot about her having a, um, what's it called ... oh yeah, SOUL. But this story paints a very different picture, obviously.

It makes it seem like she's softer, warmer than we think. And it makes their relationship seem sweeter. Even though they've been together seven years now and have that brood together, she doesn't take him for granted. She got choked up over his proposal. It actually meant something to her! Wow!

Funny, I guess you can say that the way a woman reacts to her proposal kind of reflects who she is. We all react differently. I can't stand when people get judgy about a woman's reaction to a proposal. Because sometimes a woman doesn't cry -- she laughs, snorts, giggles, hiccups, screams, jumps up and down, whatever! Every proposal is unique, and so is every couple. Who could expect that we'd all react the same?

That said, I'm still surprised by Angie's tears. I guess she not only has a heart, but it's one that's warm and fuzzy for Brad. Let's all say it again now, shall we? "Awww!"

Are you surprised Angie cried? What was your reaction to your proposal?


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