15 Signs You Need to Get Over Your Ex

You've broken up with the guy. You're clinging to the desperate hope that he'll take you back ONE DAY if only (insert meaningless thing here) ...

I get it. We've ALL been there. We've spent way too much time mourning the loss of our relationship, watching sad romantic movies, bawling our heads off, and generally annoying our friends to death.

So I'm here to tell you: It's time to move on. Here are some clues you really need to get over it.


1) He's moved on. New girlfriend, new life -- one that doesn't involve you.

2) It's been close to (or over) a year since you guys broke up.

3) Your formerly sympathetic friends and family are beyond annoyed with having to hear about how sad you still are about the breakup.

4) He's gay.

5) He's married.

6) You still kiss his picture good morning and good night.

7) Your life is now defined in two stages: Before Breakup (BB) and After Breakup (AB).

8) You're stalking him on social media, his every move scrutinized.

9) You've replayed parts of the relationship in your head, wishing you'd done THIS ONE THING differently.

10) You've spent hours over-analyzing his behavior and actions.

11) You can't bear to part with anything that reminds you of him.

12) You refuse to date anyone else because there's a chance he's coming back! (No, there's not.)

13) He's now refusing to take your calls, answer your emails, or respond to your text messages.

14) He's begun blocking you on Facebook, tired of the pathetic messages you're posting on his wall.

15) You realize that you're kinda ... over him.

What are some of the other signs you need to get over it?

Image via woodleywonderworks/Flickr

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