It's Never OK to Lie About Birth Control Because You Want a Baby (VIDEO)

If yomom flushes birth controlu guys haven't seen Coffee Shop Confessions on CafeMom Studios, you're going to want to check it out. CafeMom co-founder Andrew Shue moderates a hilarious panel of moms who discuss the awesome, dramatic re-enactments of some of our members' juiciest secrets. So, like, you confess something, we get an actress to perform what you've confessed to, then Andrew and the ladies talk about it. It's genius. This week, the Coffee Shop Confessions highlights a mom who admits, wait for it, that she flushes her birth control pills down the toilet. Yup! Her husband thinks she's taking them, but oh no, she's a flushin' 'em. Crazy, right? And that's not even the most insane part.


Apparently, her husband said he wanted zero or one child, and they're now on their third. I guess he thinks the whole thing's just some big fluke, but dude, come on. Birth control is like 99.8 percent effective. You really think you're THAT unlucky? Anyway, watch to see what I'm talking about:


It's so deranged that it's hard not to chuckle, but man, this is so not cool. I don't know of many happy marriages that can last that long built on a mountain of lies. This woman has totally manipulated her spouse into getting her way. Even though he should take some responsibility for birth control, especially after the second "unplanned" (in his eyes) pregnancy happened, still: Taking advantage of someone's daftness, or the fact that they trust you, just to get your way, is wrong. Lying is wrong.

Best of luck to them, though! I wonder if the husband will catch on if baby number four or five comes along ...

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What do YOU think about what this woman is doing?


Photo via CafemomStudios/YouTube

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