Man Accidentally Gives Goodwill His Girlfriend’s Engagement Ring

engagement ringPoor guy. My heart breaks for Josh Miller in Atlanta. All he wanted to do was make sure his girlfriend didn't find the engagement ring he'd bought for her, but I don't think he wanted to make it this difficult to retrieve. Josh stashed the ring in a pocket of an old coat that was hanging in their closet, which sounds like a good idea to me, but things got complicated when the coat was put in a pile to give to Goodwill and dropped off at the thrift store a day later. When Josh figured out what had happened, he rushed to the northern Georgia store and went through every last coat on the rack ... to no avail. The coat wasn't there. The store owner believes that someone's purchased the jacket, and now, they're trying anything and everything to get it back. Oof.


I bet his fiance was a little more than just pissed when he broke the news to her. I mean, how do you think that convo went down? "Hey honey, was totally going to propose to you with the ring we picked out, but I gave it to Goodwill instead. Oops! Heading there now!"

That said, the fact that Josh is doing his best to get the ring back, including giving TV interviews to nationally syndicated broadcasters in which he admits his unfortunate error, shows that he'll make a great partner in life. Anyone who is willing to admit they made a mistake and who tries to make it better is going to be a tolerant, understanding, and level-headed spouse.

Who knows, maybe the ring and the jacket will reappear. Regardless, they'll have one heck of a tale to tell the grandkids.

Have you ever lost your engagement ring or a significant piece of meaningful jewelry?

Photo via PLeia2/Flickr

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