Beyonce & Jay-Z Keep Things Sexy by Taking Breaks From Baby

Beyonce & Jay-Z having a date night
Beyonce & Jay-Z having a date night
Beyonce and Jay-Z have been busy lately. Busy not hanging out with their daughter, Blue Ivy. Just kidding. Kind of. Bey and Jay have been spotted at a bunch of different locations during the past few weeks -- a Knicks game; concerts; on holiday in St. Bart's -- sans their daughter, who was born earlier this year. (To be fair, Blue Ivy was with them on vacation -- just not every waking second.) While some parents may find this "non-attachment" behavior appalling, I actually find it pretty refreshing.


One of my biggest fears about having kids has always been that it would affect my relationship with my husband. We've got a pretty good thing going on, and I'd kind of like to not crap it up. Sure, I know things won't be the same -- particularly in the first few months (no more late night impromptu trips to get ice cream; no more sleeping in; no more leisurely dinners) -- but making an effort to keep some sense of romance alive is relatively high on my priority list.

Now, I'm not totally out of touch with reality here. I'm fully aware that things like, you know, tending to my newborn/sleeping will and should take precedence over having sexy time with my husband. I'm talking small things -- like always remembering to kiss each other hello (before baby) when coming home from work, etc.

This is what I can do. Because I'm not Beyonce. And because my husband's not Jay-Z. We're not rich; we're not going to have 12 trilingual nannies on call at all times; and you can rest assured that we won't be lounging on the beach in St. Bart -- alone -- during the first few months of our daughter's life. But if we were, well, it might be a different story.

Check out one of Bey and Jay's date nights:

How did you keep the romance alive during the first few months of your baby's life?

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