Marine’s Wedding Proposal Makes His Homecoming Even More Heartwarming (VIDEO)

marine proposalOkay, I'm as psyched about Angie and Brad's impending nuptials as the next person, but THIS couple wins Cutest Engagement Story of the Week, hands-down. And not just because Marine Lance Corporal Matt Bodnar is as sweet and adorable as a box full of puppies, either (but mostly because of that).

Here's the thing: Bodnar planned on proposing to girlfriend Sarah Krzynowek before he was deployed to Afghanistan for seven months, but the ring wasn't ready. (Always the ring! Another Brangelina parallel!)

Although maybe it's all for the best, because there's nothing more romantic than a homecoming like this one ...


After getting Krzynowek's parents' permission over the phone (cause that's just the kinda guy he is), Bodnar made his plan: As soon as he got off the bus, he'd drop down on one knee and pop the question.

Understandably, the poor guy was a bundle of nerves -- and his buddies were no help.

"The guys on the bus were relentless," he said.

Of course -- SPOILER ALERT! -- Bodar had nothing to be nervous about. Just watch! You'll melt. I swear.

How sweet is this homecoming proposal? (Did you melt?)


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