10 Ways to Make Masturbating Even More Exciting

woman in shadowMasturbation. It's a solo act. And we all know that one is the loneliest number. Perhaps that's why some women don't take care of business that often (or ever). How very sad. But wait! Masturbaters know that that getting it on with yourself is a good time. Like really good. Sometimes the number one is just right -- solo, me time, all about you -- oh yes.

Masturbating -- no matter how often you do it -- doesn't have to be boring. You know how sometimes you can get stuck in a rut and the only kind of sex you have is missionary at night right before bed? The same could happen with your moments of self-love. The three minutes with your finger doesn't have to be confined to your bedroom. In fact, pleasuring yourself should sometimes have some bells and whistles (could be kinky!). You already (hopefully) have committed the 69 creative ways to have sex with yourself to memory, but here are 10 more ways to masturbate. Perhaps you'll try one. Or all.

  1. While fantasizing about a celebrity.
  2. While fantasizing about a stranger.
  3. After reading erotica -- anything by Rachel Kramer Bussel.
  4. While on the phone, talking dirty.
  5. While watching porn.
  6. While rubbing up against a pillow.
  7. While pinching your nipples.
  8. Right before you have sex with someone.
  9. Right after you have sex with someone.
  10. While listening to some sexy music.

Romance yourself. You deserve it. 

How many of these have you tried?


Image via ThePetiteOboist/Flickr

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