20 Signs He's About to Propose

It feels like you've been waiting forever for him to put a ring on it. All your friends are marching down the aisle. Your closet is stuffed to the brim with bridesmaid dresses so ugly even the Salvation Army won't accept them as donations. Every weekend, you're headed somewhere or another to go to yet another wedding.

When's it gonna be YOUR turn? When do YOU get to pick out the ugly bridesmaid dresses and obsess about seating charts?

You may be closer to the Big Day than you realize. And there are ways to tell that your man isn't as far gone as you might think. Here are some sneaky little signs that he's about to propose.


1) He's gone from being freewheeling about spending his cash to being a bit of a spendthrift for no apparent reason.

2) He's nesting -- getting rid of that Budweiser sign in his living room and rearranging the bathroom to accommodate your hair and makeup stuffs.

3) While he's been nesting, he's dumped ALL evidence of former lovers and girlfriends. Old love notes, old photos, everything. Gone.

4) Many of your conversations have been about the future with a capital F, and both of you are in it.

5) Someone else -- your mom, your sister, your bestie -- randomly starts trying on your rings and casually asks what size you wear.

6) He's stopped complaining about being your +1 at weddings.

7) He's started to size up weddings you go to together -- critique them, even.

8) He's happy to take part in your family events, especially those with your parents.

9) He's making more plans that include both you and his parents.

10) He thinks it's about time his parents meet yours.

11) He's begun to size up family options on everything from the house to health insurance. 

12) He's settling down to be a real grown-up. Between ditching the gigantic bar in the living room to selling his prized Corvette, he's thinking "we" not "me."

13) He's been more helpful than usual around the house. Whether it's mulching your rose garden or making sure your laundry is done, he's suddenly all about helping.

14) He seems...nervous. But for no good reason. 

15) He wants to make sure you know what a catch he is -- even if you've already been dating for a long while.

16) He brings up the "do you want children?" conversation with you after many moons of pretending pregnant women, newborn babies, and the subject as a whole do not exist.

17) He's gotten weirdly secretive, but not in a "oh shit, what's he hiding?" way. 

18) He makes sure to let you know that you're the one for him.

19) He's been talking to your married best friend more often.

20) Your friends seem ever so slightly reluctant to hang out with you. (Back story: They don't want to interfere with His Plan to Pop The Question, which he's been discussing with them for months.)

What are some other signs he's about to propose?


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