20 Signs He's About to Dump You

It's very, very rare that you can't spot a breakup coming from miles away. Sometimes, we just don't want to believe it. We don't want to be dumped, so we ignore the classic signs that a breakup is imminent and pretend all is well.

It's time to tear down that wall and look deeply into your relationship for signs he's about to dump you. Here they are.


1) He's suddenly slammed. From having a schedule formerly wiiiide open, he's now got every single minute of every single day for the next month planned.

2) His social media pictures have all be changed from that silly snap of him pretending to shoot a gun to something ... well, sexier.

3) He stops having sex with you. Having a dude formerly interested in sex start turning you down? Bad, bad sign.

4) He's slowwwwly fading away from you. Rather than respond immediately to your texts, he waits a couple of hours, and his responses are vague, at best.

5) He's taking back all of the things he's left at your pad - from that one lone sock to his X Men DVD collection.

6) He's suddenly - and noticeably - irritated with the quirks about you he initially found charming.

7) He can't let anything go - he picks fights every time you open your mouth.

8) His mouth can no longer form the words, "I," "Love," and "You" in a sentence. If you say it first, he may respond with a nod or a "back attcha," but never an "I Love You."

9) He's no longer returning calls, texts, or emails from you - at all. Yet you can clearly see he's been on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

10) He's unfriended and unfollowed you on Facebook and Twitter.

11) When the two of you do manage to go out together, he makes it extremely clear that he'd rather be home, waxing his eyebrows.

12) When you try to pin him down to hang out, he gives you the "I need space" or "I want to be alone" bit. 

13) When you do hang out, it's with his whole crew. 

14) He becomes obsessed with changes - to his appearance, his wardrobe. He gets back into the gym, goes on a diet, begins to go to the barber...

15) Whenever you catch him, he's crabby with you.

16) He talks about himself. Constantly. No longer does he ask about your day or how work's going. He's entirely self-absorbed and all conversations are about him.

17) His behavior is different towards you. Dudes are creatures of habit. They do the same things at the same times. Whenever a behavior shifts, the signs may be pointing toward Splitsville. 

18) He no longer talks about the future with you.

19) He lies about where he's been for no good reason (thank YOU, Facebook and Twitter for those social media check-ins!).

20) Your gut tells you something is wrong. 

What are some other signs that he's about to dump you?


Image via Rosa Menkman/Flickr

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