Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Owe Their Love to Their Moms (VIDEO)

selena gomez justin bieberUnlike fellow teen celebs, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez seem to have found a way to become even more famous by being off the market and with one another. There's just something about them as a couple that tons of fans (okay, maybe not girls who have the highest Bieber Fever ...) are really drawn to. And now, it makes even more sense why they were drawn to one another.

The couple gave an interview recently to BOP (hee hee, remember BOP? Yep, still around!) and were surprisingly forthcoming about the foundation of their relationship. And no, it's not that they're both super-ambitious and really good-looking.


They initially bonded over being raised by single teen mothers facing similar financial hardships. Selena, who grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas admitted that her mom -- who worked three jobs to try and support their family -- would "run out of gas all the time," and they'd have to use quarters to pay for a new tank, because "she never liked to ask my grandparents for money." Similarly, Justin's mom struggled so much that they lived in low-income housing for a while, and were forced to move in with Justin's grandparents at one point. Wow ...

But! As it turns out, there was a silver lining. The painful pasts they share in common really seemed to help Justin and Selena see eye-to-eye on what's important in life. They admire one another for being down-to-earth and valuing family. Sure, we knew that already, but hearing them actually acknowledge the roots of all of that and their mirror image childhoods ... it makes them look like an even cuter couple.

There's definitely no argument that having similar pasts and childhood experiences can create a seriously strong foundation for a relationship. Now that it's so clear that Justin and Selena have much more in common than the average celeb couple, their adorable bond makes even more sense.

Here's an adorable video about one of their recent public outings ...


Do you and your S.O. share similar backgrounds or did you suffer similar hardships?

Image via Clint Brewer Images/Splash News

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