20 Signs He's a Keeper

You've been burned before. You've dated the jackass and the player. You've been cheated on and you've sworn off dating. Until now. You finally find this great guy -- but you're scared. You're scared he's going to be just like the others. You're afraid he's not actually a nice guy, not really a keeper -- that he's just playing you.

Here are some signs that the guy you're digging on? Well, he's a keeper.


1) He puts you first. You. Not work, not his friends, YOU.

2) He puts your relationship first.

3) He thinks about the future -- and you're in it. 

4) You don't have to guess if he's going to show up for a date -- you know he will, because you can count on him.

5) Those goofy quirks you have that other people (including you!) find annoying? He finds them endearing.

6) He's willing to compromise in an argument. It's not about ego or who's actually right -- it's about finding a solution that works best for you. BOTH of you.

7) He does those small things for you that make your life that much sweeter, because he knows it makes you happy.

8) Your happiness matters to him. 

9) He supports your dreams and ambitions and encourages you to keep going when you're ready to quit.

10) He's there for you. Whether it's a good day or terrible, awful day, he's there for you.

11) He knows you have value -- and isn't afraid to say so.

12) He cares about some -- but not all -- of your hobbies, but supports all of them. Why? Because they make you happy.

13) He remembers those little things you tell him: how Aunt Bea loves the color blue and you collect sea glass.

14) He knows when to shut his mouth and be tactful. If you ask him a leading question (does my butt look fat in these?), he'll give you a tactful answer rather than the truth.

15) He's respectful of you, your boundaries, your needs and desires. He respects YOU.

16) He accepts you for you -- the real you.

17) He doesn't take life too seriously. Life isn't all work and no play -- and your partner should feel the same way. 

18) He takes the time he needs for himself, while making sure you never feel excluded from something.

19) He cares about other people, even if he's not always talking about it. 

20) He never makes a promise he can't (or doesn't plan to) keep. 

What are some other signs that your guy is a keeper?


Image via pupismyname/Flickr

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