Hire These Naked Maids to Clean House and Watch Your Sex Life Get Dirty (VIDEO)

sexy maidWant to spice up your love life while getting some household chores done? Dressing up in sexy lingerie while you vacuum may not sound that appealing, but I hear it's what the men likey. They likey the nakey cleaning so much that a company in Texas is taking advantage of their fetish. Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service sends scantily clad women to clean patrons' homes. They'll dust in the buff, they'll fold your underwear in their underwear, they'll organize your pantry in their panties, and they'll clean your TVs in their skivvies. If you've got a home in Lubbock, a few hundred dollars, a dirty house, and a dirty mind, this half-naked maid service might be right up your alley.


Or, you know, you could just do what they do in the home and reap the reward.

Personally, I do my best cleaning when I'm in an old No Fear t-shirt, faded pink Gap sweatpants that are ripped down the backside (oops), and slippers that I literally stole from my Grandma's house when we were cleaning it out after she died. To say I look disgusting is an understatement. It's possible I even smell.

But! It's time to embrace the fact that the sexy maid shtick is a tale as old as time, and that dressing up in your fanciest bra and pantie to do a little feather dusting might just work wonders for your love life.

I mean, it did for Megan Draper. Don's wife in Mad Men was, as he puts it, "begging for it" when she started cleaning up the party mess in her black bra and lace underwear; within seconds they were doing it on the floor. Hot stuff.

I get where Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service is coming from -- they're just capitalizing on an old, sexual-fantasy stand by. Maybe it's time we did the same, as well.

Would you consider dressing like a sexy maid while doing the household cleaning?


Photo via Goddards Girl/Flickr

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