Robert Pattinson Has Gotten Too Fat for Kristen Stewart

robert pattinsonFor Robert Pattinson, life after Twilight is good. Maybe too good. He's apparently put on 10 pounds since they wrapped, reportedly as a result of hitting the beer with his boys and chowing down on cheeseburgers. And a "source" tells the U.K.'s Daily Star that his GF is not cool with her honey packing on the extra pounds.

According to the all-knowing source, "Kristen's told him to pull himself together. He hates the gym, so she's encouraged him to take up paddle surfing to try and work off the excess calories." Hmm ... maybe it would also help to lay off the Heart Attack Diet? Surely she's given him a hard time about that, too. And you know, it might sound harsh, but I'm all for K-Stew laying down the law here. If your S.O. can't tell you that it's time to start shaping up, who can?


Now, I'm definitely not talking about taking a cruel, judgmental, or ultimatum-like tone with your partner. Tough talk may work on The Biggest Loser, but an in-your-face attitude from a loved one is not exactly a fail-safe motivator for most of us.

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On the other hand, I've venture to guess that being called out by your sweetie out in a diplomatic, encouraging way works really well. It also doesn't hurt if they volunteer to do a habit shift with you. For instance, it really kills me to hear a husband complaining about his wife's weight gain, only to see him eating like crap and sitting on the couch. Really? Hypocrisy isn't the answer, nor is bowing out of getting active with your honey.

All in all, it's a seriously touchy topic, but when you love someone, taking care of them and encouraging them to take care of themselves just comes naturally. If this gossip is true, more power to K-Stew for nudging RPatz to change his routine. Not only will he be better off, but so will their relationship.

Have you ever nudged or been nudged by your sweetie to shape up? How did you feel about that?

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