Big Spender Jennifer Lopez Buys a Boy Toy for Her Boy Toy

Jennifer LopezThere must be some benefit to being young, cute, and the latest plaything of a superwealthy celebrity. Oh right right right, there is: really, really awesome birthday gifts, as demonstrated by the generosity of J. Lo. On Friday, her hunny bunny slash background dancer, Casper Smart, turned the ripe ol’ age of 25, and to commemorate the added year of life, his girlfriend slash ri-damn-diculously rich, divalicious singer/actress (is that singstress? Or actringer?) bought him a customized Dodge Ram.

The exchange went a little something like this: Casper really wanted a truck. Jennifer knew he really wanted a truck. Jennifer bought him the truck he really wanted. Casper was really happy. The end. 


Granted, the high-end models of said vehicle start around $28,600, but even with the bells and whistles of customization, that price tag is still pocket change for a woman who makes in her sleep what I’ll make in three reincarnations, if I’m lucky. In addition to the unveiling of the big surprise, she also threw him a dinner party, which ‘Per rolled up to in his fresh set of wheels. Now that’s the way to ring in a new year of life and make a birthday stand out in your mind.

Ask me what I did on my 25th birthday and you’ll get a long, blank stare as I struggle to rifle through my mental memory box. Ask Casper and you might get a glimpse of his shiny, new whip. Big difference. You just don’t forget the year that the most beautiful woman in the world buys you your dream car.  

Not to knock his hustle, but I can’t help thinking that I’d feel awkward about that kind of gift-giving. I’m not big on letting folks—especially men—do things for me, particularly when it comes to buying big ticket items. Not that I have guys burning up the route to my house trying to lay automobiles and expensive purchases at my doorstep. But I’m of the mindset that whatever I want, I can buy myself. Might take me far more time than somebody with long money like J. Lo, but at least I would’ve earned it, it wouldn’t be hanging over my head, there wouldn’t be any expectations to deliver on because of it, and no one could demand it back if we should unceremoniously break up.

But I’m sure Casper is putting in some kind of work, if not just to keep Ms. Lopez happy and satisfied. (Cough, cough.)

Would you accept a gift like this if your significant other was considerably wealthier than you were?

Image via Eyes_Master/Flickr

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